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July 29, 2007
Demolition Derby a Success

As temperatures hit the high 30's Sunday afternoon, it did not stop a large number of demolition enthusiasts to come out and watch C.I.R.'s First Annual Demolition Derby.

Winner of CIR's First Annual Demolition Derby
Devon Kuntz (left) - Car #41

Sponsored by: Young's Equipment

Second Main Heat: Chad Lowe - Car #03
First Heat #1: Dean Heuchort - Car #71
First Heat #2: Brian Lowe
First Heat #3: Rob Schill - Car #17
First Consolation: Chad Lowe - Car #03
Powder Puff: Sammy Pankiw - Car III
Mechanics: Devon Mitchel - Car #02

The Executive of CIR would like to thank all those who vulunteered, participated and came out to watch the Demolition Derby. With support like that, we will reach our goal in building a motorsports facility that will ultimatetly have a 1/4 mile Drag Strip.


>> August 4th: Mud Races: CIR Site - Cupar, Sask. (Rain-out date: Sunday, August 5th)

For More Information Contact: Ken 723-4936 or John 723-4926


2 pits with a tree just like our street races. The pits are going to be 100' to 200' feet long. Mud approx. 1 foot to 2 feet deep. We will have some classes also.

1st class 4x4 truck (anyone can enter)
2nd class 2x4 truck (anyone can enter)
3rd class 4x4 quad (anyone can enter)
4th class 2x4 quad (anyone can enter)
5th class Special (all pro mod/super vehicles built for mudding)

All these classes above will have a 1st place trophy for the fastest vehicle. There will also be a trophy for the Muddiest truck and a trophy for the Muddiest Rider.

The only rules that we will have ARE----
1st --- All lug nuts must be on rims
2nd --- Helmets must be worn by all drivers
3rd ---- All batteries have to be secured by OEM or aftermarket restraint (NO DIE DOWN STRAPS OR BUNGEE CORDS

>> August 11th: Grass Snowmobile Drags - Cupar, Sask - (pending on availability of racing site)